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Your Breakthrough Experience

If you’re ready to take a deep dive into what has been holding you back in your life, a Breakthrough may be the answer for you!

A Breakthrough Experience is the right choice if you’re ready to quickly resolve old issues and create a new approach to life. Think of it as concentrated and condensed Transformational Coaching. When you choose a Breakthrough Experience, you’re choosing an intense process.

We will spend three days one-on-one at a destination of your choice working through your major issues and opening your mind to new ways of experiencing the life you want. Together, we’ll crush your old limiting beliefs and develop a plan for the future that will help you meet your goals and exceed even your own expectations. Beyond the three-day intensive, you’ll also receive maintenance coaching to ensure the changes will last a lifetime.

Is a Breakthrough for you? You decide

  • Have you lost focus of what is important?

  • Do you find little or no joy in your day-to-day life?

  • Do you feel unfulfilled? 

  • Are you lacking purpose?

  • Do you feel like you are wandering through your life? 

  • As we grow older in life, our perspective changes. We sometimes lose sight of what is important because we base our beliefs about ourselves on old stories.

    What drives you now? What is important to you now that wasn’t 10, 15, 20 years ago? Are you still living in the idea that you need the things you thought you needed when you were younger?

    If we don’t find ways of feeling purposeful and fulfilled, we age much more rapidly, and that can lead to early onset illness. When you step back and reassess your life and where you are, you better understand what is important. From there, you can heal old wounds, release old stories, and develop a new pathway forward.

    More About Your Breakthrough Experience

    During our three days together, I’ll guide you through the deepest inner personal work you’ve ever experienced. The goal is to work through the parts of your life that are keeping you "stuck" in old habits and unproductive, or self-destructive situations.

    With my guidance, you’ll delve into your past and collapse the events and experiences that may be hindering you. Then we will develop a plan of action to move into a future you may not even know you deserve yet. Once you’ve released limiting past events and created a new plan of action, we’ll set your unconscious compass to your new true north.

    Simply put, you will discover how much you have been missing in your life and find ways to have it all.

    The Best Candidates For A Breakthrough Experience

  • You are ready to find your most authentic self.

  • You are ready to go all out to resolve your problems.

  • You are willing to face the issues that are holding you back in your life.

  • You are ready to go deeper than you've ever gone before

  • You are ready for a NEW, better life.

  • Are You Ready?

    Everyone will be considered for a Breakthrough Experience, but not everyone is a good candidate.

    Most of my clients are successful individuals in positions of power who are doing well in life. People already see you as successful and a leader. You’re driven and have a desire to be your best, but something is missing. You may not even be able to put your finger on what’s holding you back.

    To see if you qualify for a Breakthrough, please complete the application. Once we review your application, you will be contacted about setting up an interview.

    Click Here To Apply For Your Breakthrough