Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ

Will I lose control?

Absolutely not. Your subconscious mind is in control when you are in a state of hypnosis. You will never accept any suggestion that goes against your core values.

Why do people do stupid things on stage with a hypnotist?

Stage hypnotists look for a certain type of person. These are the type of people that would do something like that anyway. If you want to cluck like a chicken, I charge extra.

What does hypnosis feel like?

Being in hypnosis is a very relaxed alert feeling. You are always aware of your surroundings. Your conscious mind may have a tendency to drift while the subconscious mind does all the work. Upon coming out of trance there is a sense of relaxation and well-being.

What if I can’t wake up?

You cannot get ‘stuck’ in hypnosis. Coming out of hypnosis is as easy as opening your eyes.

How do I find a great hypnotist?

Hypnosis, in and of itself, is not that difficult to induce. Knowing how to create profound change in you is an art. If your hypnotist isn’t passionate about what they do, you should walk out.

Always find someone with a varied experience in hypnosis. Many ‘hypnotists’ never venture past the 1950’s hypnosis they learned from one organization. ‘1950’s’ style hypnosis is the old ‘command’ style we have all seen on TV and in stage shows. It is great as entertainment, but only partially effective as therapy.

A few things have changed since the ’50s, and hypnosis is one of them. Make sure the person you work with is familiar with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or ‘NLP’, and other modalities of change. NLP, when used correctly, is an incredibly powerful way to help you change the subconscious programming that is controlling you right now.

Some things you won’t find in Steve’s office: scripts, karaoke machines (seriously?), crystal balls, swinging watches, spirals or any other novelties. Steve custom designs every session to be as unique as the individual in hypnosis. Scripts limit the hypnotist to what is written on the paper and limits flexibility. Karaoke machines just seem to confuse the subject, and me too. Swinging watches, spirals and crystal balls are great if you want to work with a cliché.

If you are serious about creating positive, long-lasting change you need a hypnotist capable of being creative, someone flexible in his ability to create powerful subconscious communication and someone with a proven background. Conveniently for you, you are already here. More about us, click here. Fnord