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Weight Release© mp3

10 min. – The first in the HTT series. Listen to this audio, with headphones, at least once a day and your habits will begin to change before you know it.

Stop Smoking Forever© mp3

The second in the HTT series. This is far beyond just quitting smoking. Worried about gaining weight when you quit? Worry no more. Listen to this audio, with headphones, at least once a day and your habits will begin to change before you know it.

Why make new self-hypnosis audios?

I have listened to, and been very disappointed with, hundreds of self-hypnosis audios. So I decided the only way to do it right is to do it myself. These audio files will be no longer than fifteen minutes and will have more impact than 99% of the self-hypnosis audios available anywhere else.

Why so powerful?

  • Binaural Technology – Binaural music is used to automatically slow down your brainwaves and place you in a relaxed, receptive state.
  • Subliminal messages – In the music, and sounds, are specially placed subliminal messages designed to, quickly and easily, place positive new ideas in your mind.
  • Layers, upon layers of suggestions?

*What is Human Trance Mutation?

Well, you know what a human is already. If there is a question, please refer to your nearest mirror.

“TranceMutation” is a combination of ‘trance ‘ and ‘transmutation’. Since you are on this page I assume you are at least somewhat familiar with what a trance is, if not please refer to the Hypnosis page.

Transmutation is the process of changing one chemical or element into another. It usually refers to the alchemical practice of changing lead into gold. The goal of all of the Human TranceMutation products are to help you create the golden life you deserve.

The material in this audio is beyond worth—it is PRICELESS!

Pay this man whatever he asks.  You have never purchased anything in your life that was worth more!
IMHO, no other “self-improvement” audio, in any format, is so obviously capable of creating new life possibilities for people, not just those battling with weight release challenges, but ANYONE looking to improve the quality of his/her life.
Less than ten minutes/day. Masterpiece, Mr. Roehm .  Very well done.

Tirk Wilder

3 Time BMI Award-Winning Songwriter

This is incredible! Anyone who knows me……knows I swear by Steve’s work and his deep caring for helping folks just like you and me.

Sydney Garrett-Hayes

Beverly Hills, CA

Steve, the audio is fantastic.  I listen to it at least twice a day, and not
only do I feel better during the day, but I’ve released 7 pounds.

Carole L.

Carole L.

You and I have known each other since the sixth grade and you have definitely been a part of my life I will never forget. I feel very comfortable telling you the truth! This audio has changed my way of thinking for life! It is awesome! I have listened to it and have started making healthier choices literally since day one. I haven’t lost any significant weight as of yet, but I can say without a doubt that when I am hungry I reach for healthier snacks and meals than I did before I listened to the audio. Even if I pick up candy ( it is close to Halloween) I feel guilty or only take a bite where I used to cram food in! I wholeheartedly want to let the world know that this really works! I can’t wait to see the long term affects that I am going to reap from your influence!

Please feel free to contact me or have those who are skeptical email me and I will give a 100% true, unpaid for endorsement for you and your new audio system.

Jeff Pierson.

Owensboro, KY

I love it!!!! Thanks sooooo much!!

Madonna M.

Nashville, TN

Thanks. Sounds wonderful; you have a very soothing voice.

Karen C.

Wow…Steve’s Trance Mutation for weight release is great.  The audio will relax your soul and allow you to subconsciously absorb Steve’s life altering suggestions.  This will change your life!

John Giammarco

Franklin, TN

Have you ever wondered how easy it could be to release the weight you have gained through these last days, weeks, months, and years? Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to look back on a successful decision you made today from a point in the not so distant future, and realize it was one of the best decisions you have ever made regarding your health and wellbeing?

Steve has created one of the best multiple induction weight release audios on the market. I cannot even begin to compare it to anything else currently available in the Health and Wellness industry.

The only product even remotely comparable to this cutting edge audio is Richard Bandler’s Personal Enhancement Series of CDs. Bandler’s Personal Enhancement Series retails for hundreds of dollars, is considerably longer in length, and does not focus with such laser like intensity on the sole goal of releasing those pesky physical pounds and burdening beliefs regarding weight.

I highly recommend anyone wanting to gain clarity and focus regarding weight loss to purchase this audio and experience the benefits of a lighter and healthier you.

Jack D.

Brentwood, TN

I have never heard or experienced anything like this audio before; and I have previously purchased and tried subliminal CDs from another company.

I am fascinated by the many layers of sound on this recording, and I am mystified by how my body feels so relaxed and peaceful while listening to this wonderful recording.

And I am somehow finding myself mysteriously thinking things like “I feel like eating steamed vegetables today” and “I really don’t need that cheeseburger” and “won’t it be wonderful to fit into that pair of pants again soon.”

This is a great change for a person who usually wakes up in the morning thinking about what fast food restaurant to visit on the way to work.

Thank you Steve.

Karen Christensen

Murfreesboro, TN

The audio is great! I have listened to it several times and it is really having an effect! I have found myself not craving the foods that have “sabotaged” my weight loss goals!

It has been especially helpful since I am in pretty good shape but always have those last ten pounds that just would not go away. It has not helped that I love to eat cookies, cake, and ice cream late in the day either.

I have a real attachment to Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food. They are great but made with lots of fattening sauces. Since listening to the audios I have had no cravings for the sweets, oriental’s, or even the traditional southern fried foods that keep the pounds on.

It is truly amazing! I actually eat the right foods for me to help in losing weight and I have been working out like a maniac this past week!!! I have no desire to eat the “wrong” foods, even though they are readily available.

Thank you so much and I will keep you posted on my progress. The audio is great and believe me I have been “around the block” with mind enhancing audios and yours is superior to anything I have heard!

I will send more later. Feel free to use my name and email address in the testimonial for the audio.

Terry Jones

Bristol, TN

The new weight release audio is great. I was up at 5 this morning and ready to start exercising.  Thanks Steve.

Martha C.

Nashville, TN

At home with headphones relaxing listening to this.  That’s how I unwind after a long day.  And sometimes in the morning, too.  Like a healthy breakfast.  Helps me start the day right.

Sion Sublett

Columbus, OH

Steve, I personally, would recommend anyone to you.  From the beginning of the audio, you can feel changes start to take effect. You know you’re starting to change your life and that this is permanent.  I look forward to listening to the audio and to building my own physical health routine.  I’m out the door at 4am in the morning for cardio and then toning in the evening.  I look forward to the changes that are definitely in my future!  Thanks Steve!

Robin A.

Nashville, TN

Steve’s weight-release audio is so uplifting and soothing. The impact of this audio goes beyond weight control to touch your soul and your thoughts. Steve’s voice is amazing and the way he uses it on this audio is unbelievable. Give yourself (or someone else) a gift and work with Steve to improve and embellish your life!

Mary M.

Nashville, TN

NEVER listen to any HTT products while operating any moving vehicle.

This is an extremely powerful audio that could be dangerous while driving

* No refunds for digital downloads