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How much better could your golf game be if you could shut off the constant chatter and running commentary in your mind for just that few seconds and really concentrate on your swing?

Are anger, frustration and seemingly useless thoughts ruining your game? Or are you thinking so much about your form that it gets in the way of what you already know about the right way to play the game of golf?

Be honest now. If you’re having problems with your golf game, there are very likely distractions and other issues that are compromising your efforts — and I can help.

If you can say with absolute certainty that you have none of the problems above, I can’t help you. Maybe you just need to learn more about the game. (If you don’t have your mechanics perfected, click here.)

But golf, as I’m sure you’ve heard, is 90 percent mental. The other 10 percent is in your mind. Read that again if you haven’t heard it before. You know it’s true. It’s all in your head.

You play your best game when you let your body and mind do what they already knows how to do. You’ve hit hundreds, thousands or maybe a million balls in your life, haven’t you? So, your body and your mind know what to do.

But how can you overcome the mental issues that sidetrack your game? Is it even possible to play better by focusing on your thoughts rather than your technique?

You can absolutely play better golf if you know how to practice your mental game. Through my unique techniques involving hypnosis session work, mental coaching exercises, NLP and the practice of self-hypnosis, you will learn how to put your mind into a very focused, relaxed state — a state where you already know how to perform at a really high level.

Plus, the benefits of hypnosis will be evident on and off the course.

“Just as Tiger Woods did when he was an amateur golfer, I decided to use hypnosis as a method to provide me higher performance in golf by using my mind to better control my body.

Steve not only provided me with higher performing golf but a higher performance life off the course as well.”

Virgil Herring | PGA Professional
2003 TN PGA Teacher of the Year

When you work with me on your golf game, you’ll learn how to:

  • Put your?self into a deeply focused state
  • Increase your confidence
  • Relax into your swing — or any other task
  • Play each lie to the best of your ability
  • Release bad shots and move on with your life
  • Forget about your opponents’ game
  • Become a happier golfer
  • Sink more putts
  • Drive longer
  • Block out distractions

Some of the biggest names in golf have discovered the power of hypnosis to improve their performance on the course. I should know. I work with aspiring pros, one of the PGA’s top coaches and amateurs alike. No matter who you are, I can help you.

You can improve your game by learning how to play inside your mind before the club ever hits the ball — before you ever set foot on the course. Let me show you how that’s possible.

Call me today to get started on the pathway toward a better golf game and a better life. It’s no exaggeration to say that my techniques can change your game and your life. They’re changing people every day.

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