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Stop Smoking

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Empower Your Life with Hypnotherapy and Transformational Coaching

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How we help


Hypnotherapy is the most effective tool for stopping bad habits, releasing past events, and eliminating negative behaviors. Steve is best known for helping over 6000 people stop smoking, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Click the link to discover how hypnotherapy will change the rest of your life

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Transformational Coaching

We all need help changing our lives. Steve will help you find your true north, create a plan to achieve the life you want, keep you accountable and support you in every step along the way. With Transformational Coaching, you will also release the past as you are creating your new behaviors, beliefs, and resilient change.

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Are you ready to create a business in which you can help people change their life and make a great living while setting your own schedule? From the basics of hypnosis to the deepest levels of Hypnotherapy and Coaching, Steve has over 20 years of experience to help you get started or enhance your current practice.

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We Are Here To Support You

We specialize in improving the lives of people like you by giving you a boost where you need it and helping you rid yourself of habits, fears and issues that rob you of the best possible version of yourself.

Using hypnosis, you will tap into the unlimited ability of your subconscious mind to make powerful changes in your everyday life by releasing the past, stopping old bad habits and releasing fear and anxiety.

Through coaching, you will find your true voice, design a new map for your future, have accountability so you can stretch beyond your current belief systems, and have a cheerleader the entire way.

No matter how far you want to go in your life, we are here to support you.

Trusted By 1000's of Clients Worldwide

With over two decades of experience, Steve has served thousands of clients around the globe.

Smoking Cessation

I have been a non-smoker thanks to you since July. I feel like a different person.  I’m healthier, happier, and more loving because I don’t have to worry about smelling like smoke when I hug my family and friends. Feels so good to be free!

Linda D. - Nashville, TN


Steve has been my coach for the last few months. He has helped me find myself. I felt stuck, I had lost my passion for life. Steve has a gift of helping people see life in a different way and has been an incredible support on this journey

Chris H. - Miami, FL 

Trauma Release

"I had PTSD from a childhood experience that has kept me hiding for the past 38 years. Steve was recommended to me and I decided to try it. After only one session, I am FREE from that event. Steve is a godsend. Call him! You'll thank me later"

James R. - Cleveland, OH 

Stop Smoking

Quit in ONE session

Are you ready to quit? You know it's time. It kills you a little faster every time you inhale those toxins into your lungs, and you have been doing it for years. You aren't getting any younger. 

I have helped over 6000 people quit smoking for good and it is my whre I have helped the most people in my business. Are you ready to be next? With two convenient options, you could be free as soon as today.

Using Steve's proprietary process, over 95% of our clients stop smoking for life in only ONE session. 

I am ready to quit! (Click Here)

Release Weight

Hypnotherapy and coaching to create a healthy you, inside and out

Weight is always rooted in deeper issues. If you are ready to release the issues that drive the behaviors, you came to the right place. We will dive into the issues in your past that caused the behaviors you have now, AND we will also be setting goals and creating new ways of seeing yourself.

I'm Ready To Release The Weight

Release The Past

You don't have to be controlled by the past

Trauma can come from many sources in life: abuse, combat, relationships, car accidents, etc. Steve has helped hundreds of people release past events and experiences.

You don't have to spend years carrying around old baggage. With Hypnosis, we can help you release the past emotions as quickly as a single session without having to relive it repeatedly.

I'm Ready To Release The Past

WAKE UP! Coaching

Wake up to your true potential

Changing your life requires more than just a single shift. To truly change your life, you must face yourselfwhere you are, understand the behaviors that have been sabotaging you, release old beliefs and stories, and design the future you really want. Along the way, you are going to need help. You need someone to see your blind spots, to hold you accountable and raise you high so you stay on the path. When you are ready to wake up to your true potential, book a call.

I want to know more!

Hi, I'm Steve Roehm

I'm a Transformational Coach and Hypnotherapist who helps people just like you unlock the secret to a better more powerful mindset which helps you realize the possibilities you've been missing all your life.

If you're struggling to break through old self-destructive patterns...

If you find yourself believing that you can't achieve the life of your dreams...

If you find yourself held back by traumas...

If you feel depressed about your "failures"...

If you feel anxiety about success....

If you think that this is all you can achieve in your journey...


Get ready to step into the next evolution of YOU. Discover who you are, see yourself in a new light, feel the future beginning to grow inside, and realize your true potential!

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